When a book has been published and the author identifies issues that need correction, we can resubmit the file to the printer to update future copies. Please note the following details:

Note: If the author is resubmitting to perform a re-tech, the cost of the re-tech service is lowered from $275 to $250 when bundled with the resubmission.

Kindly be advised that once a book has been launched, neither the title nor the pricing (applicable to Midway Publishers’ bookstore or retail) can be altered during the resubmission process.

Authors, however, retain the ability to:

  • Modify text within the galley
  • Adjust cover text or design
  • Alter the subtitle

Disclaimer: Prices listed do not include applicable taxes (such as sales, use, excise, value-added, goods and services, or other tax), which will be added to the total at the time of purchase.