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Over the past 22 years, Midway Publishers has assisted authors like you in publishing over 100,000 books. Let us help you bring your books to life as well.

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Explore additional design, marketing, and bookselling services to enhance your Midway Publishers publishing experience further.

Publishing Packages

Midway Publishers offers a diverse range of publishing packages unparalleled in the industry, meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of every author.

Marketing Services

Midway Publishers offers a wide array of marketing services to help your book gain the attention it deserves, ensuring its success in the competitive market.

Design Services

After putting in the hard work to perfect your book's content, ensure its appearance receives the same level of attention with Midway Publishers' professional design services.

Editorial Services

With thousands of new books published every day, ensuring yours stands out from the crowd is essential. Partner with Midway Publishers to make your book shine.


Whether you prefer hardcover or paperback, audiobook or e-book, Midway Publishers offers a variety of formats tailored to your intended market.


Midway Publishers accepts manuscripts in various formats, ranging from handwritten pages to electronic documents with tables and images.