Marketing Services

In the modern publishing landscape, every author must also embrace the role of promoter. However, you're not on your own. Midway Publishers provides an extensive range of marketing services to ensure your book receives the attention it deserves.

Our publicity campaigns are crafted in collaboration with LAVIDGE, a renowned advertising and publicity agency. This partnership ensures that there's a tailored campaign perfectly suited to you and your message.

The Combined Book Exhibit stands as a cornerstone in the publishing community, renowned for its 85-year legacy of trust and dedication. Esteemed by publishers, librarians, and educators alike, CBE has consistently facilitated connections between publishers and potential purchasers. Through its commitment to providing hands-on access to essential publications, CBE has remained a vital resource for the industry.

In the era of digital marketing dominance, advertising in esteemed national publications like The New York Times remains a powerful strategy for announcing your book to the world. Such exposure not only elevates your book to a credible marketing pedestal but also enables authors to reach a vast and dedicated audience. Still skeptical? Delve into this insightful article to uncover why embracing print advertising is a strategic move worth considering.