Ingram Media Marketing


Position your book precisely where it belongs—before prominent book buyers, retailers, librarians, industry influencers, and your audience. Through the Ingram Media Marketing Services, AuthorHouse empowers you to promote your book in a revered industry magazine and a curated array of catalogs, all bundled into one comprehensive package.

This service offers you:

  • Double Slot Advertisement in the Ingram Advance or Children’s Advance Catalog (2 out of 8 slots)
  • Single Slot Advertisement in ForeWord Magazine (1 out of 10 slots)

What You Need to Know

Ingram Advance Catalog has been a staple in the publishing industry for over two decades, serving as a monthly buying guide for retailers, librarians, and international customers. With a circulation of over 6,600 in print and 28,000 in digital format, it provides extensive coverage for upcoming titles, including author interviews, merchandising tips, and product news.

The Children’s Advance Catalog is a bi-monthly guide focusing on the best in children’s publishing, reaching 6,400 readers in print and 28,000 in digital format. It features upcoming board books, early readers, picture books, and chapter books, alongside children’s products for all ages, author interviews, buyer recommendations, and reviews.

ForeWord Magazine is a premier review publication for independent publishers, offering critical reviews and insights into the expanding independent publishing market. With a readership of over 30,000 librarians and booksellers, including prominent Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble outlets, it influences purchasing decisions and reader recommendations nationwide.

About Ingram Content Group

With over 50 years of experience, Ingram Content Group has been a vital link between readers, librarians, and booksellers worldwide. Operating in over 200 countries, Ingram dominates the distribution of print and digital content, serving over 9,000 retailers and 18,000 librarians.

Ingram provides comprehensive wholesale and distribution services for the book industry, showcasing forthcoming and recent titles through a series of catalogs each year.


Please ensure your book is listed as returnable through Ingram to be eligible for this service.

Disclaimer: Prices listed do not include applicable taxes (such as sales, use, excise, value-added, goods and services, or other tax), which will be added to the total at the time of purchase.